Nerd Talk Ep. 2.2: The Age of the Reboot

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Nerd Talk is the show where real nerds have real talk about stuff that really matters. Editing is minimal. What you see is live to tape. ******************* Nerd Talk playlist here: ******************* This is the second episode of Nerd Talk. It was shot in 2009. Yeah, it took a couple years to put up. But the topics are timeless and the panel is top notch. Enjoy! ************** Segment 2.2: General discussion about the JJ Abrams Star Trek. ************** Your host for episode two is Andy Nordvall of The other guests are: Steven Melching Writer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Troops Mary Forrest: Writer, performer, Comedienne Robert Meyer Burnett Director/writer of Free Enterprise Casey McKinnon of Galacticast and A Comicbook Orange ************** "Summer School" written and performed by Gregg Lopez:

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