Episode 12: The Drunken Horror Podcast Show

Length: 79:24
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THE 3 DRUNK GEEKS AUDIO PODCAST ON YOUTUBE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! In celebration of one of their favorite holidays, The 3 Drunk Geeks discuss the long time Halloween Tradition of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' as they are joined by Designated Dan Anderson (AKA Jack Sullivan) who performs as Dr. Frank N. Furter with local Rocky Shadowcast, Midnight Mayhem. Not to mention we discuss the talks of a Firefly animated series, a comic prequel to the upcoming Abrams flick: 'Star Trek Into Darkness', AND REAL LIFE TRACTOR BEAMS AND LASERS! Then we wash it all down with a Monster Energy Drink that could kill you. All this and more on Episode 12 of The 3 Drunk Geeks!