Turn About Intruder Vignette

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On June 3, 1969. Dr. Janice Lester was led away and Kirk, Spock & Scotty walked into a Turbolift . That was the last live action anyone would see of the original series of Star Trek. For many of us, Star Trek has shaped who we've become. It is our passion, our love and even our moral compass. Most importantly, it binds fans together from across the planet into a spirited discourse on the many dimensions of our fictional universe. Carl Sagan said it best, "We are all connected . . .", and indeed, Star Trek connects each of us to one another. We would have many more adventures with Kirk and crew over the years, but never again in the style of the original series or with the original actors. Our particular passion is a certain time and place in the Star Trek Universe, and that's what we'd like to share with you. This is the beginning of our vision of how a little show that became a worldwide phenomenon could have evolved had it never ended. We invite you to join us as STAR TREK CONTINUES. Visit us on the web: www.startrekcontinues.com or on www.facebook.com