FTL: FSS Blackbirdia, Into the Uncharted Space

Length: 09:59
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 1 votes)

The FSS Blackbirdia consist of the following Crew: Captain Darvo, Commander Darvlok and Chief Engineering Officer Darla. Their on a important mission to deliver some valuable documents to the last federation fleet. But the evil rebels are on their tail, how will this end! On this episode we will encounter many enemies and are hull will become critical! Footage from: FTL Faster Than Light Extra tags: Darvo.org, FTL Faster Than Light, "Faster-than-light (Character Power)", FTL, Darvo, Darvlok, Darla, Chief Engineering Officer Darla, Captain Darvo, Commander Darvlok, Rebels, Evil rebels, Federation, fleet, Slavers, Survivors, \wrecked station, drones, pirates, Havoc, Shield, Lasers, SS, Starship, FSS, enterprise, Voyager, Star Trek, Star Wars.

Tags: enterprise voyager starship federation fleet lasers pirates drones survivors ss rebels shield fss ftl darvo darvlok darla slavers havoc