Wrath Side Story (Fan stage musical parody)

Length: 44:07
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 1 votes)

This is a fan stage musical, with minimal sets and production value, of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan mashed up with West Side Story. It's called Wrath Side Story and is credited to "The Fish and Ships Players." Yes, kids, this is the kind of lolmashup your extremely geeky parents would do in the mid-1980s. It's a bit dated, sure, but I think it's a riot. The VHS tape from which I recovered this video was a multi-generation copy of an unknown original, and was heavily damaged by time and VHS degeneration. The first few minutes are the worst; I've managed to hide most of it (in the opening credits) by frame replacement and extension of salvageable footage. There's a VERY BRIEF portion in the opening scene where we lose part of the video for a few seconds; that appears to be original to this copy and I was unable to fix it. Also, there were a lot of problems at scene transitions, which I also suspect were limits of technology at the time. I've hidden most of them with transition effects, _mostly_ subtle, but not always. The more complex a transition, the worse the sin I'm hiding. XD The audio track was also a mess, but I've done my best to pull out noise, and even out sound levels, and pull soft dialogue back to audible. The more work I did on it, the more I realised what the original audio engineer must've gone through to make it listenable to begin with, given what I suspect was going on with the source audio. (I think the on-stage mics didn't work and they needed to use <b>...</b>

Tags: space humor funny comedy parody musical spoof theatre theater