[Star Trek TOS] Kirk x Spock- Space Age Love Song

Length: 03:47
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~HD makes the world sweeter :D~ WOW! It feels like forever since I've been here. I've been pretty busy, and have been crazy vidding about MEPs, but a couple of months ago I managed to make this and now I finally am uploading it. I have been planning this in my head since January believe it or not, and I am fairly happy with it now, though it's far from perfect. As usual with my videos, it's plotless, but the main point is how I view the entire original series in some ways: Kirk and Spock falling in love and beginning to realise it. (I don't know why but I prefer to think sometimes that they began a proper full blown relationship after the series ends, but I like them together no matter where on the timeline). So yeah, this video is basically 'oh I love hanging with my best friend and fellow officerr..... oh no I think I'm in love with him... oh wait this could work possibly'. It's kinda emotional in a way, I don't quite know how to describe the mood of the song, but while the flashbacks- remembering moments that hurt or moments they only now appreciate were amazing and wish they could've realised sooner- are sad, but in the end it's hopeful I think :D Overall I can't believe how perfect this song is- I'm convinced it was written for them!! I know it's a bit 'old' or whatever but I really like it and I hope you do too :) I hope you like the entire video, and I know it's not great but it truly is a labour of love, uploaded on Spirk's 45th anniversary ? * * * * I OWN <b>...</b>

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