PlayStation 3 Exclusives 2011 Edition Pt1

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Hello, and welcome back to another PlayStation GameZown yearly E3 montage. If you still don't own a PlayStation 3, these videos will help you decide what you want to play this summer, fall, winter, and all next year. Those that already own a PlayStation 3, well, these videos will just show you how much fun you're going to have! In last years (2010) Pt.1 PlayStation 3 Montage video, we showcased what the PlayStation Move was, and some games coming out for it. In this video, you will see even more content for the PlayStation Move. From family friendly games, to hardcore third person and first person shooters, the Move has you covered! Once you pick up the Move controller and try it out, you will see why many people love the new Move. Eventually, we believe that you will find a reason to want to Move with the rest of us! Below is the list of games you will see in this new montage video. They are all either out now, or coming very soon, and they are all Move compatible games. Ape Escape - This particular Ape Escape is a title made specifically for the Move motion controller. Ape Escape was a very popular title on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems, due to the quirky fun nature of the game, and it's funny pop culture references. This game is sure to please the kids, and will find it's way into your home Exclusively on PS3, this Summer 2011. Eye Pet & Friends - Last year Sony brought you Eye Pet, and this year the Eye Pet is bringing his Friends! That's right, it's an <b>...</b>

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