Gluten Free Star Trek Trouble with Tribbles

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I was kinda shocked when I saw this episode after discovering how gluten was the death of me (aka poison in this video clip). This analogy explains it pretty well for any trekkie KIRK: I wonder what Starfleet Command will say about that. What about the grain, Bones? MCCOY: Oh, yes. It was poisoned. BARIS: Poisoned? MCCOY: Yes. It's been impregnated with a virus. The virus turns into an inert material in the bloodstream. The more the organism eats, the more inert matter is built up. So after two or three days, they reached a point where they couldn't take in enough nourishment to survive. KIRK: They starved to death. In a storage compartment full of grain, they starved to death. MCCOY: That is essentially it.

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