Space Quest 0 - Part 5: The Next Degeneration

Length: 15:01
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 1 votes)

Nathaniel plays and talks his way through Space Quest 0: Replicated, a fan-made PC prequel to the Space Quest series of comedic adventure games. Part 5 of multitudinous. In this part, intergalactic vagabond Roger Wilco drifts about the Labion spaceport in search of...actually, we're not really sure. There's a lost opportunity for slapstick comedy when Roger tries (to no avail) to hide the corpse of the guard he crowbarred last video. There are also several references to other Space Quest games, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and who knows what else. After returning to the murdered scientist's quarters to retrieve the green data cartridge he missed before, Roger gets caught up in a wacky scheme to--get this--buy alcohol from the bar. Even disguised as a law enforcement officer, it's apparent that nobody really wants to talk to Roger Wilco. About the only exceptions are a slug who's shilling a droid that'll probably be necessary to progress the plot, and Bambi Blatz, who will not only buy some of Roger's useless junk, but may also push this video into slightly scandalous territory because for goodness' sake try not to stare. Roger dies at the end. Brought to you by

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