Let's Play The FTL Beta -2-

Length: 14:18
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 2 votes)

In the first of an exciting double set of videos (second one coming tomorrow) we delve into nebulas and fight a seemingly endless series of automated scouts. Will Jeremy ever evade a missile? Will James ever leave the shield station? Will Richard ever be treated like a real human being? Will Cluey ever remember to turn off the Steam overlay? Find out! FTL continues to impress us, it's a perfect "one more turn" game as this video demonstrates. We cut it into 2 parts for dramatic effect and because we feel that people are more receptive to short 10-15 minute videos (at least we prefer them). The Star Trek theme and "Jessica" were redone by us in a MIDI program, but the ending bar was sampled from the Original series. If you've never seen Star Trek or Top Gear, this video and the next one are going to be hard work for you.

Tags: gaming games ftl