Parade of Geeks - FanExpo Canada 2012

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People of all kinds head to conventions like this, from the hardcore geeks to the mildly interested, the serious cosplayers and the aspiring artist. This video is just a small look at all the different types of people that visited FanExpo Canada 2012. This is not poking fun. I love these kinds of events and the people we share it with are the best part. I simply want to share what awesome things there are to see from all the wonderful people who have the chance to get together and be themselves. Keep an eye out for some of the more interesting cosplayers. There are a few people I didn't notice before (like the guy walking around in his boxers, lol) that I saw on a later watch. My favourites are the group of Star Trek cosplayers in the background doing photos and when Tony Stark stops a guy dressed as a Raccoon City Police officer for a photo.

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