Star Trek: The Math of Khan

Length: 23:31
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 1 votes)

"Feel the wrath of my Math!!" Adil Khan and Brandon Austin star alongside Mariah Wildgen, Jaden Gjestrum, and Bill Oppliger in the exclusive short film "Star Trek: The Math of Khan". Join the Captain and the crew in their epic fight against the evils of Mr. Khan and the West Valley High School Math Department! Directed by Austen Clement and edited by Vincent Paganelli, "The Math of Khan" takes us far into the last frontier as Borg threaten from every side and and the power of math causes gruesome knowledge-overloads at every turn. Originally a web mini-series, "Star Trek: The Math of Khan" today is a short film that explores everything from the developing love interests of Spock (Mariah Wildgen) and Alexandria (Alexandria Patrick) to the ultimate destructive powers of power hungry leaders. Bonds are tested, friendships are strengthened, eyes are lost, and "What is that thing!?!?" "Star Trek: The Math of Khan" is an adventure you will not soon forget. Created by the 2011-2012 WVTV Team - Including Austen Clement, Garret Griggs, Vinny Paganelli, and Jared Wilson.

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