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MUZIK4?s ONLY! I have seen the original STAR TREK episode (the original version---pre-digital enhancement) called THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE, about 50 times since the year it aired in 1968 (the new, updated enhanced version is INCREDIBLE!). The first time I saw it, it blew me away, in both mind & body (and still does to this very day). For those of you who may not realize it, Star Trek was made on film; so these hour long shows are actually mini-films---television cinema. This aspect of the programs, combined with the perfect cast, the best sci-fi writing (morals and parables), the genius directing, and the most provocative and stunningly dramatic soundtrack music to ever grace the small screen or big, made for the timeless classic it has become. Every incarnation that came after the original series was so much fluff. There is only one STAR TREK, and THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE, along with five or six other episodes on par with this epic, have compelled me to compose an original EpiGothic instrumental, in homage to the creators, writers, actors and producers of the series (thank you Miss Lucille Ball, who fought until the end to keep the series on the air). This song is especially dedicated to the star of the episode of which we speak, Mr. William Windom, a bona fide thespian of the penultimate order. DOOMSDAY was one of his greatest performances, but by no means his only tour d' force. He graced the screens, big and small, for many years, and always made you believe you were seeing <b>...</b>

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