Star Trek Voyager alternate Ending (Fan made)

Length: 04:58
Rating: 5 / 5 (out of 1 votes)

Imagine if the Admiral did not bring the future tech?the Borg were not destroyed?Voyager barely escaped home but got a disaster following it? Janeway and Picard back to back vs the Borg in the Second battle of sector 001. this is a fan made video for entertainment purposes only,all footage used belongs to its respective and original owners.

Tags: star trek kirk klingon tng ds9 voyager nine first phaser uss defiant worf borg starfleet chakotay of picard class janeway contact sisko sovereign photon shields frontier data kim earth battles dax cgi sector warp cube sphere endgame st tom seven kathryn dark admiral harry paris quantum intrepid command armada probe queen 001 torpedoes starships impulse engines sesnsors