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"That boy is a monster!" TARDIS PLUSHIE ANYONE? lovegaara06.storenvy.com Alright, so before anyone ask's why this is titled "??? ??????" when there is another character in here rather than just the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who, there is another character named the Doctor. He is from Star Trek: Voyager, which I finally had the pleasure of editing. Both of these characters are just so amazing!!! Granted, the Doctor(ST) isn't very good looking, but his personality is SEXY. He's my fav Star Trek: Voyager character. x3 I used the Doctor and the Doctor in this because I wanted to edit both of them in the same video for a long while. I think it would be hilarious if they met each other. It'd be all like "You're the Doctor? No, I'm the Doctor. Wait. What? I'M ACTUALLY A DOCTOR." So would be what the Doctor(ST) would say. He's an actual Doctor. XDDD I also wanted to do this cuz I can see that this DW reboot(this awesome series that most people watch on BBC now a days) is very much so inspired by Star Trek. *cough* Cyberman *cough* based on Borge *cough* *cough* You heard nothing. Nope. But seriously! The Cyberman in the Pandorica episode said "You will be assimilated" WUT. WUT. LINE STEALERS. -shot- Yeah, okay, its really not that big of a deal but can I just say I died laughing at that? 8D Anywho, I also put in a tiny bit of my fav pairings for each of these characters. Doctor x Seven of Nine(Star Trek) and 11 x River(Doctor Who). Mwhahaha. Enjoyyyyyy~

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