Star Trek DS9 VOY ENT (Phenomenon)

Length: 02:33
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I started this project almost two years ago but work, family life and computer issues made it difficult to finish. I was finally able to make some time this summer and I resolved the computer issues. Part of the video was made using Sony Vegas and the other part using iMovie, hence why the water mark of my username is different at certain points in the video. Other than that I think its a pretty decent video (my best one so far) and while it wasn't easy cutting and editing all these scenes from three different Star Trek series, I had a great time doing it! Enjoy and remember no infringement is intended!

Tags: enterprise voyager odo trip chakotay janeway sisko dax quark dukat tuvok kira neelix paris archer bashir reed hoshi emh phlox mayweather phenomenon tpol belanna winn