Star Trek AMT 22" Cutaway Enterprise NCC-1701 Model Build PT II

Length: 02:22
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AMT 22" Cutaway USS Enterprise Build Part II Welcome Modellers In this segment I have gotten into the paint detailing of the inner sections of the ship. I also have worked out the lighting of the saucer section. I cut out a piece of clear lexan plastic and applied the saucer interior decal to it and mounted it on the backside of the cross section part. I then mounted 2 White LED's inside the saucer top. It took some adjusting of the lights to get an even lighting effect but it looks good in person. In the pic's it appears kind of bright and wipes out some of the details of the background decal. I have started the detail of the Warp Engine interior and have a little more to do. I had to put some effort into making the saucer and neck allow for wires to pass through. The assembly is very thin and I had to grind off the plastic on the backside of the secondary hull interior piece to get enough clearance. I also grinded off the cheezy base which was attached to the lower hull. I'll be mounting the model on a brass tube and stand as I did on my other builds. The plan is to complete the right half of the model and then work on the fit and attachment of the removable left side parts. Stay tuned for PT III. I will be completing the assembly and applying the paint and decals. I have a replacement set of decals including the windows, on order from Federation Models thanks to a lead from Trekbuilder 1701. Until then happy building and I hope this vid will inspire you to build your own.

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