Map to Ascension - MagentaPixie talks with "Joseph "

Length: 90:49
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In this interview-style conversation, Magenta Pixie speaks to "Joseph" who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. He is available to be contacted personally at email address and the information he is receiving is shared in video formatt here on you tube - user/adeng7777 Topics discussed include "Map to Ascension" through the sacred geometry imprint/understanding/communication or "clean living" awakening with a pure heart - bringing the inner mapping/knowing into physical reality Re-entering the time loop/time travel for individual humanity & Earth timelines - cabal/elite justice, positive future, creating reality Astral travel/OBE/Merkabah Raising of light in mainstream systems/health/education/justice/law etc Zero Point Field Decoding the metaphor/truth in science fiction/Star Trek/The Matrix All photographs by Stock Xchng - very special thankyou to "Joseph" for agreeing to the interview Video edited and created by Magenta Pixie

Tags: star trek the original series time elite science point new earth world matrix 2012 travel spirit physics david mind dimensions cannon for communication illuminati energy justice truth sacred zero age pixie field consciousness astral ascension ancient anonymous geometry higher magenta dolores wilcock cabal timelines merkabah dimensional shifting channeling subconscious hypnotherapy nutritionegypt