Monday Challenge: Day for Night

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Here was this week's assignment for Film Riot's Monday Challenge. Duration: 20 Seconds Demonstrate: Day For Night Simple, film something during the day, but make it look like it takes place at night. I came up with a bunch of ideas for this challenge, and they all revolved around one of the same plots, kill the red shirt. heh star trek. I took a different approach to this one. First wrote the script as usual, but since I had 20 seconds to deal with and I really didn't want this to feel like my interrogation scene. It was too, "rushed". I was gunna spend a lot more effort on this one. First thing I did was pre-record all the dialogue to get the timing right, that and modify the script accordingly. I also made some crude sound effect with my mouth "pew pew pew" as place holders on the time line. Once I was happy with the pace and the length, I started to record the easier dialogue and breath pass. I used my hacked rockband microphone for the ADR as well as capturing sound from the walkie-talkie which turned out great... is that ADR too? lol. I then started to work on the sound effects. Using the free gun sound effect film riot gave us, I picked one, and threw it into my audio editor and slowed em down and increased the base, and added some echo, and there we are, a landmine. Thanks guys! I threw down some dirt and rocks for the falling debris. The sound of the trip-line is a pair of finger nail clippers. The footprints were filmed after the shoot on the way back to the jeep <b>...</b>

Tags: parody forest woods expendable