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? In 1968 Irwin Allen produced this network promo for NBC as a replacement series for Star Trek. It combines themes and plot-devices from all of Irwin Allen's previous series (specifically Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea), as well as several nods to its predecessor Star Trek. The costumes (designed by Paul Zastupnevich) have the ribbed turtleneck-like collar similar to both of the Star Trek pilots, as well as color co-ordinated department stripes (gold, red, blue-green) - decades ahead of Rick Berman's Star Trek: Enterprise! ? The cast includes Glenn Corbett (whom played Zefram Cochrane the founder of warp drive on Star Trek), Lawrence Montaigne (whom played Spock's rival Stonn in the episode "Amok Time") as a half-human amphibian science officer, Francine York as the commander's blonde secretary (much like Yeoman Rand on Star Trek), Norman Grabowski as "Irish" (cousin of "Scotty" perhaps?), Cecile Ozorio as the Asian security chief "Choo-Choo" (a nod to Trek's Sulu), James Brolin appears to have the same firey temper as Mark Goddard's Major West on Lost In Space, and Lloyd Bochner as the ever present villain akin to Irwin Allen villains Dr. Smith on Lost In Space, and Mr. Fitzhugh on Land Of The Giants. ? When NBC declined to pick-up the series, Irwin expanded this concept into a motion picture in 1970 and recruited the majority of his stable to reprise similar roles.

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