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MR WORF! HERE THEY COME SIR! wait, i'm getting a message. SUICIDE HOTLINE? no, this is not. what? no, don't kill yourself! hold on, mr worf, the enemy ship is approaching and has lauched all weapons! self-destruct off line! our weapons are gone! shields are gone! nothing works! SHUT UP WOMAN! SHUT UP! HOW DARE YOU! I AM GOING TO BEAM YOUR FOR HEAD TO MY ANUS! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! BLOW THE SHIP UP! SELF DESTRUCT IS GONE, I ALREADY TOLD YOU! SHUT UP!!! WHY WHY? ------------------------------------ sir, the enemy ship appears to be completely useless. please destroy it. why, it can be assimilated. SHUT UP! SHUT UP AND LISTEN! NO, YOU SHUT UP OR I WILL BLOW THIS SHIP UP! FINE, BLOW IT UP! I WILL! YOU ALREADY SAID THAT! --------------------------- BLOW IT UP! NO YOU!! -------------------------- SHUT UP! YOU SHUT UP! -------------------------- OUR SHIELDS ARE FAILED FOR NO REASON! THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN FOR A REASON! YOU ARE RIGHT! i just farted! you can't, you are not alive! i exist, there for i am alive! no, my ship exists, but it is not alive! yes, it is made of human flesh! no it isn't! SHUT UP! ------------------------------ no please, sir, do not hang up, oh no, he hung up, he died! SHUT UP! GET OFF THE LINE! IT'S MY MAIN JOB! AND WHERE IS THE REST OF THE BRIDGE? SHUT UP! YOU KNOW EVERYONE BEAMED ONTO THE PLANET THAT THEN BLEW UP! I TOLD THEM NOT TO GO! I TOLD THEM THAT ASTERIOD WAS COMING, BUT NO! THEY SAID MR WORF KNOWS ONLY HOW TO FIRE WEAPONS, WELL, WHO LOOKS STUPID NOW <b>...</b>

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