Star Trek Anniversary Edition: The Klingon Rebellion (A Fan Fiction Parody Film)

Length: 34:16
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Director, Director of Photography, Editor, 3D Animator and Producer: Emmanuel "Earl Grey" Mebasser Written by Todd "Anestesine Gas" Afshar Co-written by - Daniel "Ramming Speed" Cunningham, - Philip "Odo" Wilson, - Samuel "I turned my visor into a homing beacon" Mebasser, - Emmanuel "Shuttlecraft Fatboy" Mebasser Starring: - Emmanuel Mebasser as Captain Picard, Captain Dole, Klingon High Council Magistrate, and Most dishonorable Klingon Guard (Hey Data is strong, don't kid yourself) - Daniel Cunningham as Lt. Worf, Admiral McGillacuddy - Philip Wilson as Lt. Commander Data, Odo, Ensign Paris - Todd Afshar as Commander Riker, and Riker posing as a Klingon with a milk container on his head that was enough to fool Commander La Forge in the never to be released prequel, unless you really beg for it! Actually, I lied... it's in the bloopers. See other video! - Samuel Mebasser - as Commander La Forge with custom visor by Eve St. Lauren! Also Starring: - Kiyon Cunningham - as Captain Janeway - Christina Wilson - as B'lana, or Be'Elanna as you find out in the bloopers! - Emil Mebasser - as Killable Ensign #1, #2, #3, and Killable Klingon #1 (footage lost), and Chekote- woot woot! - Charlene Wilson - as Commander Kira - Dionne Wilson - as Lt. Dax - Emil Mebasser - I thought I fogot to put him in the credits, but oh I see he is just two lines up, oops. - Christopher Cunningham - as voice in the bathroom - uncredited. Why uncredited? The guy was like 10 years old, we might get <b>...</b>

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