Quantum Energy Teleportation to Sea of Ether - Blue Beam Display - Focused Static Plasma

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Star Trek beam me up Scotty,.Quantum energy teleportation...Though zero-point energy of the ground state exists everywhere in the system and contributes to the amount of the total energy, it is not available by use of ordinary local operations. However, if information about a local zero-point fluctuation, which carries a portion of the zero-point energy, is obtained by a measurement of a distant subsystem via ground-state entanglement, the energy becomes available, and can be extracted by a local operation dependent on the information. The extraction of the energy is accompanied by generation of negative energy density, which is allowed in quantum physics of many-body systems including quantum fields, and retains the local energy conservation law. The remote measurement, which provides the information for energy extraction, injects energy into the measured subsystem. A portion of the injected energy, which amount is larger than that of the energy extracted from the zero-point fluctuation, becomes unavailable because of entanglement breaking by the measurement, and cannot be retrieved by local operations in the measurement region. ..Ether in a wire,.. Wicked amount of energy,...plasma(is static electricity is gamma),, grounding to the sea of ether.....A neutrino travels through water faster than light travels through water. This gives rise to an optical shock wave (analogous to a sound wave's sonic boom) that is perceived as a blue light, .

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