Voltaire - The Trouble with Tribbles NEW SONG!

Length: 09:37
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This is the world premiere of my latest Star Trek inspired song, "The Trouble with Tribbles". Warning: it has explicit lyrics and adult content and is NOT for everyone, so only listen to it if you feel that's appropriate for you. I will be recording this song this year for my next album, "BiTrekual", a CD of Star Trek and Star Wars parody songs! Lyrics: I worked on a garbage skowl near the Neurtral Zone and I'm sure you've heard, what occurs When a fella is alone I was mighty lonely there till I met a man named Jones and he sold me a muff, covered in fluff so I wouldn't have to spank my bone. Get your self a tribble and then you're good to go. If you've got enough quadrotriticale you'll have an endless supply of hos. I grabbed myself some VAseline and slathered up my pole But the trouble with these tribbles They're fuzzy and their cute but I can never find the hole. They're fuzzy and they're cute but I can never find the hole! That mate there is Scotty, he's our chief engineer. and he's never had a ho cause most don't know he's queer as Vulcan beer! I caught him with some tribbles I said 'boy are you dumb? Hear to my song, you're doing it wrong' he was shoving them up his bum! (Chorus) Klingon captain Koloth He's mean as he is shrewd. And on shore leave, he got us peeved because he's very rude. We beamed all of our tribbles to Koloth and his crew but from the yells we couldn't tell who was raping who! Bones says these critters are all pregnant when they're born. I had <b>...</b>

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