In One Ear (9-14-12)

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Hey, I'm Holmyish! I'm that guy who likes fish and is scared of bears. Twitter: That guy who comments and gets left in the dust - natkirby / NathanKirby1123 / Nathan His YouTube - His Twitter - New YouTube app made by Google - Movies to watch: Sherlock Holmes - Star Trek - Casino Royale - Reservoir Dogs - Video to check out: Failblog - Trick Shots WIN - How Ridiculous Channel - Song to check out: Royal Canoe EP - Purple and Gold Website - Twitter - YouTube - Bandcamp - Cam's Collection: Nerdfighters T-Shirt! Vlogbrothers Channel - John's Twitter - Hank's Twitter - How To Be a Nerdfighter: A Vlogbrothers FAQ - Do you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions? Questions of the day: Have you seen any of the movie I've watched? If so, what did you think of them? Have you seen any good movies lately? Intro/Outro music done by Grant AKA Crazdul797 AKA CFT979 His YouTube - His Twitter - Thanks for watching!

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