Star Trek Online The Ashes of Tiamat

Length: 03:42
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After reclaiming Deep Space 9, Capt. Jessica Vrax and the USS Stormchild have raised the attention of unknown dark forces. A bounty has been placed on Capt. Jessica Vrax and the Stormchild's senior officers. After a foiled attempt on Jessica's life, the crew of the Stormchild have secretly transfer over to their new science ship the USS Tiamat. With the warped crippled USS Stormchild in dry dock, Jessica and crew flee the Sol system with their new science ship. Their mission is to survive and eliminate the dark forces intent on destroyng them.

Tags: star trek enterprise the captain space voyager sci fi online uss of weapons at class klingons universe battles red machinima gate comet warrior audiomachine stormchild polaron antiproton mirrior ashes tiamat gaurdian

Star Trek Online Antagony Unleashed

Star Trek Online Antagony Unleashed

Posted on Friday, 17th of February 2012
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