The Animals - House of the Rising Sun - A Roblox Music Video

Length: 04:31
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This is a quirky little music video I made with The Animals' hit song "The House of the Rising Sun" (A song that I DO NOT give credit for, by the way) It's a portrayal of my Star Trek roleplay buddies in various roleplay settings - namely the USS Memento, the planet Sav'Lyke, and the Celestia Class USS Scarlet D - singing a wonderful song in true 60's music video fashion. Hope all you diehard Droid fans enjoy. Everything in this video, other than the song, obviously, was made by me except for the Celestia, made by my good friend and lead singer of this video, CyberJacques. May he live long and prosper.

Tags: the federation starfleet music video productions house sun rising animals celestia fs scarlet cyber memento droideka1 fishhead cyberjacques cyberjack