USS Vanguard NCC 74755 Star Trek RPG

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Season One: Starfleet is being broken from within. A poisonous deception is spreading through the foundation of the Federation. Dark alliances are being made by a group of defects and they are becoming known as the Ferum. Spies lay throughout the sector, internal war is coming to a critical and all along the Borg are rebuilding their forces. The USS Vanguard ship name is called upon for service now some sixteen years later. The time for tactical advancement is at hand. The Freytimar, a recently signed alien race to the Federation may hold the key to the Vanguards time-traveling predicament The Vanguard is fighting not only the survival of a peace treaty that has been sustained for hundreds of years, but the protection of the galaxy against the uprising of the Borg again and the volatile Ferum. Website: This game is a Live Chat played game in a AOL/AIM chat room. Its on Thursday at 10:00PM Eastern Time Zone. Contact: GM1 -Captain or AIM: ElleJellicoCO GM2 -Commander ( I do not own any of the clipped videos nor the song. All Star Trek and its related products are solely the ownership of paramount. This is intended for recreational entertainment not commercial distribution. This is a online roleplaying game.)

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